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Stage Play:

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Televisions: working and static, from 1946 to 1985 mini portables. 1948/9 projection televisions with modern digital projector inside.

Radios: 1920’s to 1980’s, working and static.

Computers: 1970’s IMSI 8080, Zenith, HP model 81, static. 1980’s-1990’s Apple & Mac’s working.

Church items: Catholic incense burner, tabernacle, alter stone, etc.

Laboratory/Science: Chemistry glass, 1950’s microscope, 1940/s to 1980’s oscilloscopes, other meters and equipment.



Postal address: 509 Main St, Fenton, MO 63026-4169


In 2004 I was approached by Bob Miano to supply a radio to Civil Pictures for their upcoming production: “The Gateway Arch”. I described several suggested items over the telephone, and he came by to see what I had. He settled on the bakelite Zenith from around 1947, and also a lamp he saw on my desk. The rest is history, and word is slowly spreading that I will loan items at no cost, provided they are returned in the same condition as when picked up, and that a photo of the item on set is supplied for my web site. There will of course come a time that I will charge for these props, when I retire from my real job.


Marlin Mackley’s props provides vintage electronics and other items to St. Louis area for stage, movie sets, and even a movie shoot location!

Photos by: Bob Miano

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